Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery in Henderson, NC

Dr. Jordan is a skilled & experienced veterinary orthopedic surgeon, providing a wide variety of procedures for patients at West Hills Veterinary Centre as well as those referred from other veterinary facilities. He has performed over 3000 orthopedic surgeries in his career, and we are proud to now be a resource for these services in the community.

Those procedures include the various options for repair of the cranial cruciate ligament, or CCL.

It’s extremely common for dogs—especially older and overweight dogs—to rupture their CCL, which is found in the knee and is the canine equivalent of the human anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL.

When a dog ruptures this ligament, their knee joint becomes unstable and they will limp on the affected limb. Because CCL tears cause such significant mobility issues for pets, it’s important to get these injuries treated as quickly as possible.

Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery in Henderson, NC

To treat this condition, we recommend a procedure called a tibial plateau leveling osteotomy or TPLO for dogs weighing more than twenty pounds. For smaller dogs and cats, we repair the torn CCL using a technique called extracapsular repair or lateral suture.

Dr. Jordan has extensive experience in both procedures and will consult with you about the preferred method for your pet. The best surgical option for your dog will generally depend on the size and age of your dog.

Dr. Jordan also has experience with many other orthopedic procedures including:

  • Medial Patellar Luxation (MPL)
  • Fracture repair
  • Meniscal (cartilage) repair
  • FHO/TPO/DPO procedures for hip joints

Click here for more information on Dr. Jordan and the orthopedic options available. For more information on any of the surgery options offered at West Hills Veterinary Centre, please contact us at 252-438-7163 today.

Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery Services

We offer a range of veterinary orthopedic surgery services, including ACL repair, fracture repair, joint replacement, bone deformity correction, and soft tissue injury repair.

ACL Repair

In our advanced animal orthopedic surgery center, we conduct ACL repairs that regain agility and promise the best life quality for your beloved pets. An ACL repair is required when a pet has an injury or damage in their anterior cruciate ligament — a prevalent issue in several dog breeds.

With innovative surgical methods, our diligent team operates to mend this vital ligament. This operation often leads to improved mobility, lessened pain, and quicker recovery time for pets so they can return to leading joyful, energetic lives.

While every patient’s case may vary, most display remarkable improvement after their ACL repair procedure at our veterinary orthopedic surgery center located in Henderson.

Fracture Repair

We uphold a commitment to providing top-notch surgical care for your pets. Specializing in orthopedic surgery, fracture repair is an essential service we provide. Injuries like fractures can occur from unfortunate incidents such as falls or car accidents, requiring immediate and expert intervention.

Our proficient team utilizes cutting-edge technology to accurately assess the degree of bone damage. This paves the way for us to design a tailored treatment plan that could involve surgical procedures like internal fixation using pins or plates, or external fixation with splints or casts.

The goal of these techniques is to stabilize broken bones, enabling natural healing while reducing discomfort for your cherished pet. Regular checks and comprehensive follow-up care are part of our routine practice during the recovery phase post-surgery, ensuring your pet gets back on its paws safely and effectively.

Joint Replacement

A team of skilled veterinarians carry out joint replacement surgeries. These procedures help relieve pain and improve mobility in pets who have serious orthopedic conditions. The surgical tools employed are nothing but the best, ensuring that damaged joints are successfully replaced with top-notch prosthetics which can either be medical-grade plastic or metal alloys.

This kind of veterinary orthopedic surgery brings back the lively jumps and playful hops your fur-friends might have lost due to health problems. With vigilant surgical monitoring throughout, this North Carolina center guarantees your pet’s safety and comfort during the procedure.

Bone Deformity Correction

In Henderson, NC, our veterinary center offers bone deformity correction as part of our orthopedic surgery services. Our skilled veterinarians use advanced techniques and equipment to correct various types of bone deformities in pets.

Whether the deformity is congenital or caused by an injury or growth abnormality, we can help your pet regain mobility and improve their quality of life. We are committed to providing compassionate care and effective treatment options for all your pet’s orthopedic needs.

Soft Tissue Injury Repair

In Henderson, NC, we offer comprehensive soft tissue injury repair services for pets. Our experienced veterinary team can diagnose and treat a wide range of soft tissue injuries, including muscle strains, ligament sprains, and tendon tears.

Using advanced surgical techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we effectively repair damaged tissues to promote healing and restore function. Your pet will receive high-quality care during their soft tissue injury repair procedure at our veterinary orthopedic surgery center.

Trust us to provide exceptional surgical services for any orthopedic issues your furry friend may be facing.

Benefits of Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery

Veterinary orthopedic surgery offers several benefits for our furry friends. First and foremost, it helps to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by orthopedic conditions or injuries. Whether it’s a fractured bone, an ACL tear, or a joint deformity, surgery can provide relief and improve the overall quality of life for your pet. In addition to pain relief, veterinary orthopedic surgery can also restore mobility and function. By repairing fractures or correcting bone deformities, surgical procedures aim to help your pet regain full range of motion in their limbs.

This is especially important for active pets who love running, jumping, and playing. Furthermore, orthopedic surgery can prevent the progression of certain conditions.

For example, by replacing a damaged joint or stabilizing an unstable joint with ligament repair surgery, veterinarians can prevent further degeneration of surrounding tissues and joints.

Overall, veterinary orthopedic surgery offers immense benefits in terms of pain management, improved mobility and function as well as prevention of further damage.

With advancements in surgical techniques and careful post-operative care from our experienced team at West Hills Veterinary Centre + Animal Clinic in Henderson NC., you can trust that your beloved pet will receive the best possible care during their recovery journey.