Pet Laboratory in Henderson, NC

Our Pet Laboratory Services

At West Hills Veterinary Centre + Animal Clinic, we offer a wide range of pet laboratory services. We provide blood tests and analysis, urinalysis, fecal exams, x-rays and imaging, microbiology testing, parasite testing, and chemistry panels. Our dedicated team of veterinarians ensures that your pets receive the highest quality veterinary care through our comprehensive pet laboratory services.

Blood Tests and Analysis

Our top-priority is providing thorough blood testing and analysis for pets at our advanced laboratory. Equipped with modern diagnostic technology, our expert veterinary team promptly identifies any hidden health issues.

These tests largely contribute to an accurate diagnosis that supports the creation of individualized treatment plans for every pet we tend to. With regular blood tests, early detection of changes in your pet’s health can lead to preventive measures against serious future complications.

Pet Laboratory in Henderson, NC


Incorporating Urinalysis in Regular Pet Check-ups

Urinalysis stands as an essential component of veterinary laboratory tests. This service is rolled into routine check-ups to confirm your pets maintain optimal wellbeing. It acts as a helpful tool for detecting urinary tract infections, kidney disease, diabetes and more.

Our committed team employs cutting-edge methods and equipment to perform these examinations. The procedure includes assessing the urine’s color, transparency, and concentration before moving on to microscopic scrutiny.

Most critically, every step is carried out with extreme care so that not even a hint of discomfort dampens your furry friends’ spirits!

Fecal Exams

Fecal examinations are vital components of comprehensive veterinary care. These tests serve as a major tool in detecting intestinal parasites such as roundworms and hookworms that may harm pets.

A skilled team runs these critical assessments alongside other pet services to maintain overall animal health and welfare. If left unidentified, parasites can result in serious health complications; therefore, regular fecal testing comes highly recommended for top-notch veterinary medical care.

X-rays and Imaging

At our veterinary clinic, we offer a variety of high-quality care services for pets. Our team of veterinarians and technicians use state-of-the-art technology to provide top-notch medical attention for your beloved companions.

We use advanced equipment for X-rays and imaging to create detailed images of your pet’s internal structures. This diagnostic tool helps us identify any hidden abnormalities or injuries that may not be visible externally.

With our expertise and modern imaging techniques, we can quickly assess your pet’s condition and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Your pet’s health is our priority, and we strive to deliver exceptional care in every aspect of our practice.

Microbiology Testing

At our veterinary clinic, we provide a wide range of high-quality veterinary care services for your pets, including microbiology testing. Our team of skilled veterinarians and technicians are trained to conduct various tests to identify and treat microbial infections in animals.

By using advanced laboratory techniques, we can accurately diagnose bacterial, fungal, viral, and other microorganism infections that may be causing diseases or illnesses in your pets.

This allows us to offer prompt and effective treatment options to ensure the well-being of your furry friends. Trust our expertise in pet laboratory testing for the highest standard of medical care for your beloved companions.

Parasite Testing

Parasite testing is an essential part of our pet laboratory services here at West Hills Veterinary Centre + Animal Clinic. We understand the importance of keeping your furry friends healthy and free from harmful parasites. Our dedicated team of veterinarians and technicians use advanced techniques to accurately identify and diagnose infections caused by parasites. Whether it’s a simple fecal exam or a more complex test, we offer a wide range of parasite testing options to ensure the highest quality veterinary care for your pets.

Trust us to provide thorough and reliable parasite testing that will help keep your pets happy and healthy. At West Hills Veterinary Centre + Animal Clinic, your pet’s well-being is our top priority. Our state-of-the-art lab allows us to perform comprehensive parasite testing on-site, providing you with quick results so that we can start treatment promptly if necessary.

With our expertise in microbiology, we are able to detect various types of parasites such as fleas, ticks, worms, mites, and more. By regularly screening for parasites through our specialized tests, you can prevent serious health issues in your beloved pets before they even arise.

Chemistry Panel

Our veterinary team offers a comprehensive chemistry panel as part of our pet laboratory services. This test provides valuable insights into your pet’s overall health by measuring key parameters such as organ function, blood sugar levels, electrolyte balance, and protein levels.

By analyzing these results, we can detect underlying medical conditions and provide timely treatment for your furry friend. Our dedicated team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate and reliable test results.

Trust us to provide top-quality veterinary care through our wide range of pet care services, including the chemistry panel.